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We Proudly Introduce



We are proud to introduce our new line of live edge wood furniture products. Choose one of our designs or work with us to create your own custom-designed wood furniture. Like all Son of a Woodcutter products, our live edge furniture is handmade using locally sourced wood slabs.

Son of a Woodcutter has always been driven by sustainability and responsibly-sourced materials. The company was born out of a love affair with decommissioned one-time-use pallets; then barn board salvaged from local agricultural buildings. You could say that building furniture out of live edge timbers was the natural next step!

Natural Beauty



Live edge furniture is beautiful because it retains the natural edge of the tree, unmilled and stripped of bark. Every slab of timber is unique, having its own grains, knots, and imperfections that help it tell a compelling story in your home. Its natural shape and aesthetic make it extremely versatile in contemporary spaces.

When you order a piece of live edge furniture from Son of a Woodcutter, you’re not picking out something from a catalogue. Everything about the piece is customized—you get to select the slab you love best and determine dimensions, stain and leg style of your piece.


At Son of a Woodcutter, we cater to clients who are over the appeal of flat-packed furniture and have evolved into collecting beautiful, unique, and custom-built pieces that not only speak to them but tell a story of their own. No matter your style, you can use live edge furniture to soften the lines of modern décor, or to enhance the homey feel of your space.

Try bringing live edge into your home with a side table, coffee table, desk or a real focal point: a harvest table. Or try live edge shelves, mantels, wall treatments, or vanities.

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