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  • Our Story of Beginnings, Challenges and Growth
  • Post author
    Jack Fouracre

Our Story of Beginnings, Challenges and Growth

Our Story of Beginnings, Challenges and Growth

For the past six years, Son of a Woodcutter has brought custom handcrafted furniture to its customers. We've always believed in creating furniture that tells a story. Today we're sharing ours.



How We Got Started

Born the son of a great woodcutter, Jack grew up in the English countryside with a respect for natural materials and a passion for carpentry. His family taught him to value tradition, craftsmanship and integrity.


Years later, while setting up house in Toronto, Jack knew something was missing. Many of the furniture options available for small spaces came flat-packed in cardboard and used low-quality materials. He wanted to fill his home with pieces of furniture that had a history and would stand the test of time.


Rolling up his sleeves and setting to work, Jack discovered his perfect material: one-time use pallets used for transporting large items like hot tubs and pianos. With a few cuts of his saw and a few swipes with his sander, Jack had completed his first pallet wood coffee table and Son of a Woodcutter was born.


Today, we are a team of three people, we make a lot more than coffee tables, and we no longer use wood pallets. But we still approach our craft with the same passion for quality, integrity and craftsmanship. And we have fun doing it.



Not Without Challenges

"What's been your biggest challenge?" – We’ve been asked this question a lot. The biggest challenge over Son of a Woodcutter’s six years in business? Finding a  space and then quickly becoming confined in that space as we grow. We need to make sure our space has enough room for our tools, our equipment, our materials and our products. So far, finding a space that fits for long-term has been challenging.


We’ve been lucky with finding the right space up until this point. We’ve been lucky to experience the growth that we have that has pushed us to find new spaces.


We’re now looking for our largest space yet, and it’s definitely proving difficult. While smaller spaces for smaller terms require a first and last cheque and a handshake, larger spaces require a serious financial commitment, lawyers, numerous real estate agents, heavier equipment, gallons of paint and at least 6 months of setup time. Basically, it’s a lot of searching, work and planning.




The city of Toronto is changing and growing so fast that makers like ourselves are getting pushed into increasingly smaller industrial pockets of the city. But we’re looking forward to our next move and finding the perfect space for Son of a Woodcutter!


“As we are currently looking for our 4th space in 6 years, finding suitable space is proving to be very tricky. Industry of all kinds is getting pushed further and further out of the city.”

-Jack Fouracre, Son of a Woodcutter on business challenges

Always Growing

We’re grateful for our many connections and opportunities that we’ve developed over the years. They’ve given us the chance to expand and grow. We now work with great companies like West Elm and Etsy. We’ve worked with numerous local businesses – striking commissions with commercials spaces like bars, restaurants and offices – and continue to develop those relationships. We meet awesome vendors and customers at flea markets and craft shows. Having the chance to talk one on one is great for building relationships.


So, we have a ton of opportunities to share our work with many who may not have seen it otherwise. We’ve been very fortunate with these opportunities – they’ve certainly helped us get where we are today!


We’re getting our hands dirty and working hard to share new things with you!


Toronto Live Edge Tables 


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  • Post author
    Jack Fouracre