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We offer a white glove delivery and install service within the GTA most of South Western Ontario - ask us about it! We offer a white glove delivery and install service within the GTA and most of South Western Ontario - ask us about it!

Dining Table Seating Capacities - What Size of Dining Table Should I Choose?

Dining Table Seating Capacities - What Size of Dining Table Should I Choose?

We love being able to provide options for our customers. We know that every home is different, every room is different, and every family is different. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable – whether you’ll be ordering Chinese take-out with your closest friends, having a romantic meal for two, or sitting down for a nice dinner with the whole family.


That being said, choosing your table’s size is a crucial part of the process. So we thought we’d offer some woodcutter wisdom. Here’s our guide on choosing a size for your table for different seating capacities.


First thing’s first: what size is your room?

This is a big consideration when choosing a table. Think about any other items you’ll have in the room and how much space they will take up. What’s left is the space you’ll have to work to choose the size for your dining table.


So you’ve figured that out. So what size table can your dining room accommodate? Well, if you don’t want to be cramped, you should have about 36” (3 feet) of space from the edge of the table to the wall. This will help to make sure you can comfortably slide a chair out from underneath the table. (Because nobody likes scratched furniture and bruised shins)


Those metrics are a guide, though. If you’re living in a smaller space or a condo, you may need to find some wiggle room. You can also adjust this distance if you’re using simple chairs with no arms.


Don’t forget to also consider the shape of a room. The idea is that you are able to walk around comfortably without squishing through or wounding yourself, but also sit down and have a comfortable meal.


Custom Dining Tables Canada 



Rectangular Tables


Our rectangular tables are great for groups large and small. The table dimensions required are dependent on two things: the size/shape of your room, and the number of people that you plan to host.


With regards to length, you’ll need 24” (2 feet) per person. This length of space allows for a comfortable seat. A 72” (6 feet) table should sit three people comfortably along each side.


Since the spaces we’re in influence the furniture we choose, some larger spaces might call for larger tables. For example, a 6 foot table might look too small in a large room. In these cases, it’s sometimes recommended to go up to a 7ft table. While it won’t necessarily add any extra seating capacity, it will allow for wider chairs, give you some more elbow room, and add a bit of space for extra serving dishes.


 Guide to Dining Table Dimensions

You’ll see above that the width usually increases with the length so that the table is proportionally balanced. Again, these are just common dimensions, and a 96” x 42 could become a 96”x36” for a slimmer room, or even a 96” x 48” for a larger/open concept dining room. Customizability is all about finding your perfect fit.


Circular Tables


Circular tables are a classic for any gathering. Our smaller circular tables also a great option for smaller spaces, like in a kitchen or a condo.


Guide to Dining Table Dimensions Circular tables 


What’s up for consideration when choosing dimensions for a circular dining table? You should be looking at the same factors as you would with a rectangular table: the number of people who will be sitting at the table, and the size/shape of the room.


With circular tables, you’ll see that the price changes exponentially as the size increases. This is due to the amount of materials used. Also, an increase in size means increased challenges in handling and finishing. But hey, we love a good challenge.



Table Height

With regards to height, you will often see most tables around 28” to 30” high. Our standard at Son of a Woodcutter is 30”. This height has worked well for us and our customers. We’ve found that it suits all chair dimensions and is the most ergonomic.  



Base and Leg Options:

When choosing a leg and base design we always opt for functionality first, always considering function, then form. You’ll need the right amount of leg room beneath the table to get up and sit down comfortably. Nobody wants to be knocking their knees or climbing over the person next to them.  


We’ve found that a singular leg on each corner works very well for tables at 60” or less. A pedestal base works best for a table in a banquette or a circular table.


We have a small selection of table bases at SOAWC that are included in the price of your table. But we can also accommodate custom designs, so please reach out to us if you had something in mind.



The Right Table Size For You

At the end of the day, it’s all about what works best for you. We want to make sure you fall in love with your dining table – after all, it’s a meeting place, a place where memories are made, and good food is eaten.


We love to take on custom projects, and we can accommodate custom designs – if you’re looking for a specific size for your dining table, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss some options!