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Passion & Expertise

I believe that the things we surround ourselves with are a reflection of our values. That’s why Son of a Woodcutter makes every piece of furniture by hand, using high-quality reclaimed materials. Our pieces are made the way things used to be made, that’s why they’ll look beautiful in your home for years to come. With every cut I make, every hole I drill, and every stroke of my brush, my focus is on creating a finished product that’s as beautiful as it is hard-working. I’m Jack, and

I am the Son of a Woodcutter.

Born the son of a great woodcutter, Jack grew up in the English countryside with a respect for natural materials and a passion for carpentry. His family taught him to value tradition, craftsmanship and integrity.

Years later, while setting up house in Toronto, Jack knew something was missing. Many of the furniture options available for small spaces came flat-packed in cardboard and used low-quality materials. He wanted to fill his home with pieces of furniture that had a history and would stand the test of time.

Rolling up his sleeves and setting to work, Jack discovered his perfect material: one-time use pallets used for transporting large items like hot tubs and pianos. With a few cuts of his saw and a few swipes with his sander, Jack had completed his first pallet wood coffee table and Son of a Woodcutter was born.

Today, Son of a Woodcutter has come to mean beautiful, unique and well-made furniture from reclaimed pallets or locally-sourced barn board and high-quality steel. Each piece is built by hand, one at a time, and has its own distinctive grain, knots, imperfections and history.

Responsible & Sustainable 




Our pallet wood is sourced from ‘one-time use’ pallets often used for transporting large and heavy products like hot tubs and pianos. Once their journey is complete they’re decommissioned and often end up in landfill sites or burn piles. Our barn board comes from older agricultural buildings around Ontario and some are up to 130 years old! That’s a lot of history. Each carefully hand-selected piece of wood has distinctive grains and knots, as well as it’s own dents, dings and imperfections so it’s uniquely yours.



We mate our products with high-quality, hand-welded steel legs. You can choose from 1/2” steel hairpin legs made in Oakville, ON or a hand-welded 1” box steel frame. Both options are incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting. Our hairpin legs are powder-coated with a clear satin finish that’s like no other in Canada so they’re completely maintenance-free and won’t damage your floors. Each set of legs is guaranteed to be as strong and stable as the top is uniquely beautiful.